About Us

A Better Chance for Our Children is dedicated to providing permanency for children. We focus on finding families for waiting children, most from foster care and many with special needs. We believe that through education and support, families can develop the skills necessary to provide a stable, nurturing environment for these children. We prioritize this training and support so that waiting children have a better chance of overcoming the trauma they have experienced. We believe that all children deserve a chance to be the best people they can be and, to achieve this, it is in a child’s best interest to be with a properly trained and supportive family.



For Our Children


To find permanent loving families for children

To provide education about our waiting children, all who have special needs

To nurture and support our resource families

To increase community awareness about the children who are waiting and about adoption in general

Our Services

We serve as the connection to bring the children and the families together. We represent the prospective adoptive families to agencies who are caring for the children.

Our Services Include:

  • Resource Family Preparation Training Groups
  • Family Counseling focused on faster care and adoption
  • Specialized groups for adopted children
  • Respite for adoptive families
  • Specialized parenting education classes and support groups
  • Ongoing and support for any family touched by adoption.

ABCFOC welcomes all interested applicants as prospective resources for children waiting for a family. We acknowledge and respect the dignity and difference of each individual and the potential of each applicant to nurture and provide for a child.