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Jun 12 2021


9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Resource Parent Prep Class

Registration for the summer Resource Parent Preparation Classes has already concluded, however you can contact ABCFOC to enroll in/inquire about our fall classes.

This training includes four informal group sessions held on alternate Saturdays, 9:00am – 4:00pm, for a total 28 hours of training. The group sessions typically include 20 – 30 people who are contemplating foster care, adoption, or respite.

During these preparation classes we present our families with a great deal of information regarding the challenges our children often bring to families. We strongly believe in the importance of educating our families as the education provides a more solid family foundation.  This education, like our support, continues over the life cycle of foster care, adoption or respite. The children waiting for homes now need strong, prepared resource parents.  At the core of our program is a focus on preparing and supporting the parents who come to us; however, the priority is ministering to the needs of children.

The preparation classes are also an opportunity for prospective parents to study the agency and the staff as representatives of the agency. We want you to be comfortable with our staff.  At A Better Chance for Our Children we believe that it is imperative that people coming to us are honest and open about their experiences. The relationship we build with you is the basis of all the work we do together. We must be comfortable with one another if we are to do this most important work together. We believe you will enjoy working with the staff at A Better Chance for Our Children and want you to know that we look forward to working with you!