Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

The staff of A Better Chance for Our Children are dedicated to assisting families with their questions and concerns surrounding the adoption and fostering process.

Wilmington Team

  • Jessica Johnston
  • Laurie Lattomus
  • Amy Morgan
  • Nicole Outten
  • Shana Petruccelli
  • Stacey Richmond
  • Amber Patti

Milford Team

  • Cynthia Knapp, Supervisor
  • Celeste Bishop
  • Melissa Gonzalez
  • Amanda Levergood
  • Karen Wilson

Office Managers

  • Linda Twyford in Wilmington
  • Michelle Spence in Milford

When you call our offices, they will be your first point of contact and are well equipped to help you.

Executive Director

Leading this program is our Executive Director, Meg Garey, who recently relocated to Wilmington and who brings a wealth of experience in child welfare.